3D - Dome Labels for Garments

This is our latest developed product that have gained an immediate acceptance and appreciation in the garment branding, garment decoration and fabric products industry, yes its our dome labels for garments/fabrics that provide crisp clear full color graphics with 3d appearance and feel that is irresistible to touch

Make a good first impression with "3D - Dome Label”. The truth is, most people judge a product by its Label… Featuring a world-class 3D - Dome Label is sure to draw attention to your product raising it above competition. 

Our colorful 3d dome labels for fabrics can be made in any size, design, shape and color having qualities such as waterproof, scratchproof, tear proof, flexible and outstanding and are equally suitable for fabrics of either dark or light colors and sticks to all natural and chemical fabrics like cotton, cotton blend, silk, linens, leather, artificial leather, canvas & nylon etc.

These labels are applied using a combination of heat and pressure and are used for permanent labeling applications on fabrics such as on T. Shirts, Bags, Caps, Gloves, Towels, Footwear, Sportswear etc.

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